The M Patrick Carroll Foundation Donates $1M to Friends of the Israel Defense Forces

Patrick Carroll of The M Patrick Caroll Foundation

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After making a $1 million donation to Israel, celebrity philanthropist Patrick Carroll arrived in Los Angeles on November 16th to continue the “Kickz For Kids” tour, which has donated a million dollars’ worth of shoes across the country. He was joined by Ben Kickz (“The Sneaker Don”) and celebrities including Taylor Armstrong (RHOOC), Mason Plummer (Clippers), Quincy Brown (P Diddy’s son), Heather McDonald, and Gia Skova, among others. Carroll once again delighted the children at the Mar-Vista Gardens Boys & Girls Club of Santa Monica by gifting them truckloads of sneakers, including brands like Jordans and Nikes. The event was further enlivened by the presence of the L.A. Rams Official Mascot, Rampage, and Santa Claus, who came to thank Patrick for his generosity and add festive cheer to the children’s holiday season.

Los Angeles marks the seventh city Carroll has visited, with a cumulative donation of $700,000 in shoes across the U.S. The real estate mogul and father of three has partnered with sneaker expert Ben Kickz to distribute hundreds of pairs of high-end sneakers from a Brinks truck to Boys & Girls Clubs across various U.S. cities, including Tampa, Miami, Atlanta, New York City, Chicago, and Washington D.C.

Carroll’s $1 million contribution to the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) at their Miami event on November 13th is a key component of his broader initiative. Through his newly established M Patrick Carroll Foundation, he aims to support underprivileged children, families, organizations, and global causes to improve their quality of life.

CEO Patrick Carroll, a leading real estate investor in Miami with over 30,000 properties in his portfolio, grew up in Tampa, Florida, where he frequented the Boys & Girls Club for basketball. Now a board member of the club, Carroll reflects, “Knowing firsthand the aspirational value of having the right pair of sneakers for a child in need, it’s incredible to witness their joy when we arrive with the truck. These children deserve brand-new sneakers. A fresh pair of shoes can not only enhance their lives but also open up a world of new possibilities. And now, these kids can take that exciting step forward in a cool pair of shoes.”

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