5 Unique Ideas To Look Unforgettable On Your Wedding Day

5 Unique Ideas To Look Unforgettable On Your Wedding Day

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We can hear the merry sound of wedding bells. Getting married is the best thing to happen, the celebration of love. 

But do you really have a moment to cherish the excitement? You might be thriving on sleepless nights and hectic days. What all can a bride and groom alone handle? There’s so much, literally!

The venue!

Catering services!

The perfect cake!

The flower your partner loves!

The guest list!

The return gifts!

And lastly, finding the perfect designer wedding dresses!

It is all worth it for the celebration of your love. But what if we say that we can help you find the dress that meets your style and choice? 

Finding a dress can be challenging; there are so many styles and so many options. With a mind so occupied, you might even commit to a dress you don’t even like. 

To help you choose a style for your wedding dress, here are some inspirations you can confidently pick! 

1. Look Luxurious With Bohemian Style

For a free-spirited bride, what is better than a whimsical wedding dress that brings out femininity effortlessly? To be honest, the brides are crazy for this style because more couples have inclined towards a bohemian-themed wedding. 

If you want to tie your knots adventurously, the only perfection you need is a great boho wedding dress. Most bohemian styles for wedding gowns highlight graphic lace, matte fabrics, and details like flutter sleeves that celebrate the bride’s individuality. 

The bohemian style is not only about subtle colors but also noble materials (usually high-quality fabrics like silk or satin) and the unique designs it features. And did we miss comfort here? The beautiful wedding dresses (because they use high-end fabrics) will feel like a feather against your soft skin. 

2. Elegance With Minimalism

The designer wedding dresses you choose should reflect your style and preferences. For all the minimalist brides, sticking to their style becomes a bit tough; we know it! Minimal wedding dresses are avoided by many, but these dresses are a great pick. Let us tell you why.  

The grace of subtle and quiet designs is not only elegant but also timeless. The simple motifs or minimal details on your wedding dress give you the liberty to experiment endlessly with a variety of accessories. 

The minimal does not have to be dull. Give your subtle dress a touch of charm with details like lace appliques or subtle shimmer. On the other hand, you can opt for a captivating look with a minimal gown but a dramatic veil or train. 

3. Inspiration From The Vintage Glam

Still trying to find the perfect designer wedding dress? Hold on; here is another inspiration for you: the glamour from the vintage inspiration!

Why is vintage inspiration a great idea for wedding dresses? Is it because it brings back the elegance from another era? Yes, we are talking about the sophistication and timeless looks with vintage wedding dresses. 

Choose designs from the old wedding dresses and stand out on your wedding day. Sometimes, the fashion brought from the old era can be a fashion-forward if done the right way. 

4. A Fairytale Wedding

We, as women, always dreamt of our wedding being a reflection of fairytales from bedtime stories. In reality, we aren’t marrying a prince, but what’s stopping us from being the princess on our special day? Just the struggle of finding the perfect dress!

Your wedding is a perfect day for you to doll up and look no less than a stunning princess. The details like sweep trains, laced details, corset-bodice, dramatic tulles, or prominent floral details make a dress fit your fairytale wedding. 

5. Bold Statement

White, sharing an association with virtue and purity, is the color of the bride. But why not go for the designer wedding dresses you want on your special day rather than linger with the traditions? 

If you still are doubtful about adding a non-white dress for your wedding, here’s our tip. Choose a detail in your dress that features the traditional bride’s color. For example, pair your wedding dress with a dramatic white-colored trail. Alternatively, opt for an embellished white veil to still stick to the traditional color. 

Bonus Idea: Inspiration From Hollywood

Celebratory weddings influence the wedding trends. A lot of stars give their best look at their weddings, setting the new fashion trends. 

If there’s an iconic wedding dress that made you spellbound, why not take inspiration from it on your wedding day? It is your day to be a modern bride, combining femininity and style together.

It is your choice if you want a replica for a certain dress worn by a celebrity or just replicate the details you were mesmerized with. 


Weddings can be overwhelming in every way possible! Let us not even start with the struggles of the wedding preparations. 

Amidst all the chaos of planning a perfect wedding, you likely end up with the wrong decisions, especially when finding your dream wedding dress. 

The best way to overcome the trouble of finding designer wedding dresses is to begin understanding what style you want to commit to. 

We hope you get the style you always wanted for your wedding day! 

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