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From Marie-Madeleine Remoleur
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A artificial fire with flickering lights, Shadow and a imaginary bestiary appear as if by magic on the walls and a Sound bath composed of sounds of nature and music that envelop us: at the end of the year, at Deauville (Calvados), the Franciscan chapel was redesigned to create space a strange paper cave where visitors are invited to wander freely.

A” sensory and immersive experience ” and a Moment removed from the hustle and bustle of the world and outside of time”, which invites young and old to experience Moment of magic.

“There is a cabin spirit, a magic and a wonder that appeals to everyone, whether you are 1 year old or 99 years old,” smiles Clement Debailleulartistic director and founder of the company 14:20, remembers a ” little poetic bubble “.

A magical installation…

This installation is called “In the Beginnings”. the company’s work 2:20 p.m which has specialized in this for 20 years new magic (read field), in collaboration with the scenographer Celine Diez and the ombromance Philippe Beau. “It was our idea with this installation Link to the history and more precisely decorated caves in which we discover drawings,” explains the artistic director.

Of enigmatic ornaments who has captivated this company from Rouen. “There are many theories to explain these ornaments. This page mysterious and inaccessible made us look into the issue.”

This very creative team wanted a ” sensitive appropriation » of these caves decorated for Take us back to the origins of magic.

We are not in a scientific aspect, we do not want to explore these caves exhaustively. We are here to create a kind of temporal bridge to this inaccessible and mysterious world of the past, the world of the origins of magic.

Clement Debailleul

A subjective approach which nevertheless allows you to discover drawings from the caves of Lascaux, Cosquer and Pech Merle. Of projected and animated ornaments, but they still seem to appear as if by magic. “Everyone knows that it is a paper cave, that the drawings are projected and yet it is as if we want to believe in this magic.”

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It is an installation intended to create a magical feeling.

Clement Debailleul

The new magic

The Norman Company 14:20 was founded by three artist-researchers Clément Debailleul, Valentine Losseau and Raphaël Navarro and founded the New Magic art movement in 2000. A magic in which we find a certain dramaturgy, often linked to other artistic disciplines, animated by the imbalance of the senses and the distraction from reality. Furthermore, in this sense Cie 14:20 resembles a collective with variable geometry depending on the project. “New magic brings together authors for whom the language of expression is magic,” summarizes Clément Debailleul.

An installation animated by a performance

For Bring this installation to lifeThis will be rounded off from December 27th to 29th by a performance by the magician and ombromantic Philippe Beau magical device. “Shadowmania is a discipline that consists in producing figurative shadows with the simple use of hands », explains Clément Debailleul, who underlines: “Philippe comes to enliven and activate this cave, he reveals it by making a kind Original cinema “.

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In the beginnings of Cie 14:20 on Vimeo.

A moment full of “magic and wonder” that almost makes us forget that we are in an old chapel. “It’s a sweet moment that leads to a certain meditation and feeling Introspection. As such there is one certain resonance be in one old place of worship “.

Installation to be discovered with free access until January 6th at the Franciscan Chapel in Deauville. Performance from December 27th to 29th, with 7 performances of 20 minutes each per day, from 10:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Prices: €8 (full payment) or €6 (subscribers).

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