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Changing the web host can happen at any time, be it at the end of the contract or after inconveniences on the customer’s online platform.

However, without the right information, this process can be complicated for you and your website. You need to focus on the small details and follow several steps to find a formula that really suits you. Here we take stock of this process!

The place of web hosting in your SEO strategy

It is important to choose a good host to ensure the success of your natural referencing strategy. The functionalities offered by this service provider actually affect the technical aspect of the website hosted. It is also one of the central pillars of SEO.

The place of web hosting in your SEO strategy

The loading speed of your pages

Your choice of hosting has a positive or negative impact on the loading speed of your pages. Google and other search engine robots tend to discard websites that take too long to display. At the same time, the bounce rate of these pages is higher. This will highlight the fastest pagesto the detriment of others.

The security of your website and user data

A good web hosting solution has a positive impact on the data security of internet users who visit your online site. When communication between clients and the server is unreliable, many problems arise.

Most browsers warn people who want to visit your platform that they risk having their information compromised. Even in the event of a failure, you must assume that Information theft by hackers.

Your website data may also be encrypted, which is not viewed positively by Google. Your virtual platform will then be marked with a security warning, deterring potential visitors. The ideal solution to avoid this situation? Choose personalized cloud offerings for Protect your website data and those of your users.

The availability of your website

Without a solid hosting platform, you can’t get a website online. The availability of your content after creation depends entirely on the solution you choose. In the event of an outage, your platform may be inaccessible to internet users.

Importance of Cloud Web Hosting

This situation has an impact on your natural referencing, but also on Branding your online business. Search engines only put credible and trustworthy sources on the first page, not websites with glaring technical deficiencies!

What criteria should you rely on when choosing a web host?

Don’t know what points you should consider when choosing your hosting solution? We recommend that you first define your needs before considering the following parameters.

The type of accommodation

Specialized companies often offer four forms of hosting solutions:

  • divided,
  • dedicated,
  • VPS,
  • Cloud.

Shared hosting allows you to do this Share storage space available together with other users on the provider’s web server. This solution is limited but cheap.

The type of accommodation

The dedicated service consists of Rent a complete server for your only online site. You can configure the options and benefit from a more efficient and secure service for a specific investment. With VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, multiple websites are managed independently. It offers a very good performance/price ratio.

Scalable or cloud hosting installs your website on a group of interconnected servers. You benefit from a system that adapts to traffic peaks, hourly and/or seasonal demand. This solution is very reliable by its configuration and offers an affordable price.

Web Host Accreditations

An accreditation is the result of a series of tests carried out on a company in order to be authorized to offer a certain level of customer service. These include HDS certification for outsourcing and Tier III or IV certification for data center availability.

You need to Check accreditations of all hosts that you are considering as part of your change of provider. They confirm that their foundation is solid. Only contact professionals who can provide you with advanced or scalable solutions and comprehensive service.

The security of your data

Your data must be secure with the new web host. study guaranteed services as :

  • Protection against DDoS attacks,
  • daily backups,
  • Protection against hacking attempts,
  • the SSL certificate,
  • Update.

Some features are paid or are considered options.

The physical location of the host is also a crucial criterion. The traffic flows and the legal regulations applicable to the data hosted depend on this location.

The social and environmental impact of your accommodation

Did you know ? If the Internet were a country, it would undoubtedly be the third largest consumer of electricity after China and the USA. The digital industry actually almost rejects this 4% of gas emissions Greenhouse effect.

Environmentally friendly web hosting

Bet on Hosts committed to the planet to control your website’s carbon footprint. They promote the use of green energy to provide their services and actively combat digital pollution. Ask about their data center cooling methods.

You should also pay attention to:

  • There Bandwidth,
  • the number of cores and CPUs,
  • RAM (or main memory).

Also check the web host’s databases to make sure they meet your needs.

What are the reasons for changing web hosts?

There are several reasons why you might want to change your online site provider. So you might feel discouraged the costs your current platform. Some hosts actually offer much cheaper rates than your current subscription.

A change can also be made subsequently a decrease in speed and website performance. If your webpage content is loading slowly, you may need to consider another solution.

Mishaps like frequent interruptions Website disruptions (inaccessible content, error messages) indicate a lack of stability on the part of your host. If you regularly exceed your bandwidth or storage limits, your plan is no longer suitable for you. You then need to move to the next level or change the contract.

Reasons to change web hosts

If your system is hacked or breached, update your hosting as soon as possible. You may also need special configurations as your online site grows or buckles under the load of increased traffic. Change is essential even if Customer service is difficult to achieveincompetent or ineffective.

Can you change it at any time?

It is common practice to change service providers after the end of the contract in order to be able to examine other options at your leisure. However, you may terminate the current contract before the end of this period due to a breakdown, disruption or conflict of interest.

Talk to your hosting provider about this issue and ensure the next provider’s flexibility before signing. However, this step can be difficult due to one factor in particular: data. You can entrust the service change to an external service provider or carry out the migration yourself.

do not forget Save your personal information (Backup) and track the progress of the transfer on your side.

Steps to change web host

Are you ready to switch hosting providers? Here you will find a summary of the most important phases!

Find a new host

You must first identify a new web host for your online site. Compare the different offers available and choose a formula that suits your actual needs. When ordering, in most cases you will need to provide your domain name and fill out a form.

Most providers offer a discount if you subscribe to an offer over several years. Don’t hesitate to do so once you find the right solution for your project.

Transferring data

Don’t forget to backup your site (files, database) on the old server. Then it will be necessary Migrate data on the new host you chose. Once the transfer is complete, check whether your online site is functional on the new platform.

Host change verification

You also need to point your domain name to the new IP address and ensure its transfer. What follows is a series of redirects and contact with website editors whose articles link to your platform.

Check the latest details

Manage your email addresses and update DNS. Finally, check if everything is working normally on the new server and then cancel the old hosting plan. We recommend you wait about two weeks as a precautionary measure.

More tips to optimize your website performance

Changing hosts is not enough to improve your SEO. You also need to make sure your website is there clear and well organized.

User experience must be optimal. Technical errors should be eliminated to improve traffic and reduce bounce rate. Take care of:

  • Beetle,
  • bad HTML tags,
  • broken links,
  • unclickable buttons.

Your online site must too be approachable for automatic adjustment to all screen sizes. It needs to be fast, intuitive and accurate across computers, tablets and mobile devices. Internet users will appreciate it!

Respect SEO principles for better visibility. Organize your content, add real value, include the right keywords and optimize the tree structure of your site. You need to use various tools and advanced technologies and then carry out regular maintenance.

do not forget Compress your imagesdiversify multimedia content and use good caching software.

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