iPhone game releases: the final 5 gems of the year not to be missed – iPhon.fr

iPhone game releases: the final 5 gems of the year not to be missed – iPhon.fr

Like new films, which are usually released on Wednesdays in France, new iOS games usually appear in the App Store on Thursdays. So it’s like every week, on this day we offer you ours Selection of the best new iPhone and iPad games.

There are certainly some beautiful gems in the package to sink your teeth into, like those in the previous list, like Ebenezer & the Invisible World available for download here, Endless Wander available here or Fatal Fury available in the App Store there.

We present to you what we think is of the highest quality. In any case, some of the games are free and can be easily tested. So don’t wait to form your own opinion! Don’t hesitate to read us regularly so you don’t miss any gaming news on iOS, among other things.

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Our selection

Beastie Bay DX

  • Description : Survival game with a design reminiscent of consoles from the last century. Beastie Bay DX appeared on consoles and PC a few months ago, not without success (rating 9/10 on Steam)
  • We love : Retro graphics
  • Download link: here in the App Store

Beastie Bay DX – (Nintendo Switch) – Framerate and Gameplay

Three minutes to eight

  • Description : Adventure game entirely in pixel art, produced in high quality and fortunately translated into French
  • We love : the scenario
  • Download link: available here

Three minutes to eight |  Console and mobile release trailer

Trance tank

  • Description : a catchy shooter, not only because of its straightforward gameplay, but also because of its soundtrack, which consists of very angry techno music pieces
  • We love : is immediately fun
  • Download link: available here in the App Store

Trance Tank Gameplay Trailer

Drift Runner

  • Description : Car racing game in which you have to drift in the best possible way
  • We love : good driving experience
  • Download link : available here in the App Store

Drift Runners!  New gameplay sessions for mobile drift games

Snakes LTD

  • Description : Find the classic snake on your iPhone, in “Original” mode or in the new 3D mode
  • We love : the crazy design and the psychedelic look
  • Download link: available here

Snakes LTD gameplay

You’ve tested new features, whether you like them or not. Don’t hesitate to share your feedback with the community in the comments!

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