It combines two graphics cards to improve your PC's performance and answers a question all gamers ask: Millenium

It combines two graphics cards to improve your PC's performance and answers a question all gamers ask: Millenium

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PC users have always asked themselves the question: what performance can they achieve when they combine them? NVIDIA And AMD ? For years, these two companies have been at the forefront of PC gaming, behind some of the most sophisticated graphics cards on the market (and, in AMD’s case, some of the best processors on the market). The question is therefore obvious, but the answer is anything but simple. In any case, she wasn’t until now.

Is combining two graphics cards a good idea?

In breaking news, the WCCFTech portal collected the experience of a user who wanted to answer this question. At first glance we can assure you that the result is impressive, however, it was not as easy to achieve as some might think since it is not limited to using two different graphics cards. So if you too plan to enjoy this strange experience, keep one thing in mind: You need a motherboard with PCIe slots positioned to accommodate both GPUs.

The refresh rate increases by over 190%.

As WCCFTech reports, the user’s intention was to exploit this DLSS technology from NVIDIA and the FSR technology from AMD, both designed to improve frame rates in PC gaming. In short, these two technologies adapt each pixel to the monitor’s output resolution, improving the sharpness and quality of the final image. To achieve this, a “simple” trick had to be used: while the system transfers the image to the screen via the AMD graphics card, the NVIDIA GPU processing takes over the calculations.

The result, as indicated above, is impressive. For titles like Cyberpunk 2077, DLS offers 47% more FPS; in the case of AMD’s FSR, this percentage increases to 99%. Many would therefore think that it would be logical to aim for a 140% increase, but the reality is even better: the FPS improvement with the GPUs combined is 191.9% in the case of CD Projekt RED’s title. The answer to the million-dollar question is therefore satisfactory (albeit extremely expensive) for gamers: yes, NVIDIA and AMD work together to improve the performance of your games.

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