Samsung previews new foldable screen technology – Futura

Samsung previews new foldable screen technology – Futura

Samsung Display, the Samsung subsidiary specializing in displays, has just announced its program for the CES 2024 electronics trade fair. The program includes rollable and sliding screens, but above all this new mobile display that can be folded in both directions.

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CES 2024, the largest electronics trade show, opens this week in Las VegasVegas. SamsungSamsung is expected to unveil several new products there, but the company has decided to first preview new foldable screen technology, as well as rollable and sliding screens the size of a computer monitor, this weekend.

Unlike current foldable smartphone screens, which can only be folded in one direction, the new In&Out Flip technology can be bent in both directions, i.e. 360 degrees. This will make it possible to fold the smartphone so that the screen is inside or outside and to use the display on the front and back of the mobile. This is intended to help make foldable smartphones thinner, eliminating the need to attach a second, smaller screen to the outside.

The Rollable Flex, introduced in May 2023, will be on display at CES 2024. © Samsung Display

A very durable screen

With a smartphone that can be folded with the display folded out, the risk of scratches is a big problem. Samsung says it tested its foldable display in temperatures between -20 and 60°C by bouncing basketballs on it, then rubbing sand on the screen and submerging it in water.

CES will be an opportunity to discover these products in person, especially the Rollable Flex announced earlier this year – a screen that folds out from 49 to 254.4 millimeters long, or five times its original size – or even inspect it Flex Hybrid already existed last year. Samsung will also unveil its very high-resolution (3,500 dots per inch) OLEDoS microdisplay technology for mixed reality, as well as the latest generation of its OledOled panels.

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