From the Moon to Mars – Le Journal de Chambly

From the Moon to Mars – Le Journal de Chambly

Chambly’s Steeven Chapados had a memorable end to 2023. The artist, writer/author and philosophy professor tells his story to the Journal de Chambly.

The man notably published his book Moon: Culture-Nature-Exploration. The event took place on November 21st at the Galerie de Miss Rey in Chambly. The approximately 175-page work was written “in the chalet” in December 2022. The illustrations used in the work are from his famous drawing of the Moon in a large format measuring eight by four feet, a reproduction identical to the first quarter of the moon.

“When we take the time to observe it, it’s often because we’ve taken a little time for ourselves. It can inspire some great late night and higher level conversations. » –Steeven Chapados

In the pages of this illustrated book, the author reveals the entire history of this star. “Over the centuries, the moon has been revered, deified and feared by various peoples around the world,” says Steeven Chapados. He speaks of the moon as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for poets, writers, painters, musicians and even filmmakers. “It also fascinates scientists who have been studying it for hundreds of years in all its facets: its physical and orbital properties, the hypotheses regarding its origin and evolution, its influence on the Earth, its phases and eclipses and its seas.”, his Craters, its mountain ranges, its steep slopes, its valleys and its numerous geological curiosities,” adds the philosophy teacher at Cégep de Saint-Laurent. In his book, the author also approaches the moon from a political perspective, through his past and future space explorations and missions.

Steeven Chapados sees the moon as a collective catalyst. “Everyone loves the moon. “It is a common object and we all have fond memories of the moon,” identifies the man who was a lecturer in epistemology and philosophy of science at the University of Montreal and the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières. Does the moon make you philosophize about life? “When we take the time to observe it, it’s often because we’ve taken a little time for ourselves. It can encourage good late-night and senior conversations,” agrees Mr. Chapados.

Drawing challenge

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has acquired the original large-scale drawing of the moon by Steeven Chapados. The work is exhibited there in Saint-Hubert. His drawing also serves as a reference for an overview of what can be found on the lunar surface. It was a challenge to reproduce it accurately. Steeven Chapados explains that the Moon will never be completely clear when viewed from Earth because of Earth’s atmosphere. To get around this difficulty, he had to draw inspiration from hundreds of photos taken by NASA of Elero, a satellite in permanent orbit around the moon. So he was able to draw his replica.

For Steeven Chapados, the moon isn’t enough. After that he will attack Mars. For NASA, he will recreate the Red Planet using the same approach as his work on the Moon.

Moon in Chambly

The original moon drawing work owned by the ASC has been reproduced in six limited editions in large format on various materials. The city of Chambly now owns the artistic sextuple No. 1 printed on aluminum. It is on display in the library of the Pôle culturelle de Chambly.

Depending on the size of the many other reproductions made and the materials used, Steeven Chapados estimates sales of his works to range from $100 to $3,000.

MP’s Medal

On December 22nd, Steeven Chapados received an unusual honor. He received the deputy medal from the hands of the federal deputy for the Beloeil – Chambly constituency, Yves-François Blanchet. Since May 2022, the initiative has wanted to honor exceptional personalities from the constituency. Once again it was at Miss Rey’s Gallery where the handover was organized.

Steeven Chapados is not his first writing. He published in particular the Philosophical and Historical Dictionary of Logic with the Presses de l’Université Laval and with Hermann. He is also the man behind the World at Fides series. Under the banner of Fides he has done it again with his book on the moon theme.

  • From the Moon to Mars – Le Journal de ChamblyFrom the Moon to Mars – Le Journal de Chambly

    The Canadian Space Agency has the original drawing of the moon by Steeven Chapados. acquired

  • 1705082180 211 From the Moon to Mars – Le Journal de Chambly1705082180 211 From the Moon to Mars – Le Journal de Chambly

    At the presentation of the deputy medal, from left to right: Clea Reynolds, of the Galerie de Miss Rey, Yves-François Blanchet, deputy of Beloeil – Chambly, Sophie Martel, wife of Steeven Chapados, David Sénéchal, publisher, Como Roberge and Pierre Cardinal , community representative, Steeven Chapados and his daughter Lili-Rose Chapados.

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